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Golf Travel Tips

Your Golf Attire

What to wear

When you are going out on the course to play golf, ladies must have a collared shirt. If you are wearing a dress, that’s perfectly fine. Make sure it has a collar, sleeveless shirts are allowed as well, as long as you have a collar.

Let’s move on to your pants. Your pants need to have four pockets on them, two front and two back, no cargo pants with massive pockets on the side. Denim is a no-no; therefore, no jeans for a jacket or for your pants.

If you’re wearing shorts, they have to be appropriate. Typically, they say one hand width above your knee, and that’s the length of the shorts you should wear. Make sure they are not booty shorts, as those are definitely not allowed. And key item in any kind of pant you’re wearing, pockets. Two in the front, two in the back.

Moving on to your shoes, you’re allowed to wear sneakers, just make sure that they’re clean and appropriate. Also, the shoes should have a good grip on the bottom of them. What we prefer is golf shoes, always with soft spikes. Besides that, you’re good to go! Collared shirt, pants that have pockets, no booty shorts, no denim, and shoes that have grip on the bottom that are nice and clean.

Some of you might be wondering how you know the difference between a private course or a public course. The first thing you must do if you’ve ever been invited to play golf, always go to their website. Google the name of the course, go to their website. Every golf course will tell you if they’re private or public, and if they’re private 100%, they will have their dress code online. Some golf courses have a very strict dress code, and I always recommend tending to go on the safer conservative side. By doing so, you don’t embarrass yourself and the person who has invited you, because if you break the rules in the dress code, they will kick you out and not let you play. Your friend will be reprimanded for inviting such a guest.


So previously, we spoke about what to wear at a country club or a private golf course, now let’s talk about what to wear at a public golf course. As you know, they are a lot more lenient on public golf courses, so that doesn’t mean you go ahead and break all the golf rules. It’s still no to denim, so don’t bother wearing any, but they will be a little bit more lenient on your shirt choice. For example, if you have a nice clean white shirt with no collar, you might get by. But on the safe side, always wear a shirt with a collar on it. A shirt without a collar is acceptable as long as it has sleeves, a sleeveless shirt must have a collar, no tank tops ladies. This is not necessarily acceptable on private and public courses. Pants, we talked about two pockets at the fronts and two at the back. Right now I am wearing pants only with two pockets, acceptable on a public golf course, and they look like they’re yoga pants. You will get by with that. Cargo shorts, they may let you go with that as well on a public course, still no booty shorts, so don’t try it, they might send you back. And in terms of shoes, feel free to wear sneakers, always acceptable is golf shoes, with soft spikes, some people wear sandals. Don’t!

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